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Extract of Epimedii Herba 250g.

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Composition and form of issue :

The composition of the drug includes 100% Korean mountain grass, without thickeners and impurities! Buy Goryanka extract can be in banks of 250 grams (standard packaging from the manufacturer). 

The secret of success and the effectiveness of Epimedium is the components which enter into its composition, namely: Corzine, giperin, flavonoid glucoside icariin (21%) , epimerase, icaritin, as well as alkaloids, steroids (beta-sitosterol) and steroidal saponins.


Attention! The concentration of useful elements in 1 can of "Extract of Epimedii Herba" is 5 times more than the analogues of this product on the world market!


Since ancient times is considered one of the best means to strengthen the body and restore physical and mental strength. Drugs and infusions on the basis of this plant is necessary for the prevention of internal diseases and viral infections. Goryanka extract strengthens the immune system, adds strength and returns the joy of life to everyone. Especially, Horny goat weed, recommended for use in people of middle and old age.

Today, it is also experimentally proved that its active elements delay aging and prevent the death of cells in the body. Therefore, since ancient times it was believed that it can prolong youth, and its regular use contributes to longevity.
In recent years, the trend is relevant, the use of Korean mountain women for effective bone tissue repair. Therefore, it is often used for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Goryanka extract helps to restore and strengthen bones and joints, returns them the missing natural magnesium and calcium. Moreover, the price of the drug is much lower than medical chemical analogues.

One of the most important and useful active components of Epimedium – Icariin. It helps protect the liver from internal damage by antibiotics, drugs, and toxins. It has a positive effect on the normalization of blood sugar and improves microcirculation. It has also recently been observed that icariin improves metabolism and regulates the transport of oxygen to muscle tissues, thus it actively promotes the growth of muscle mass as a natural steroid. Therefore, the mountain will be useful for tone and beauty of the body to men and women who are engaged in sports or physical education. Athletes take it instead of heavy, dangerous anabolic agents. And the girls often practiced and want to buy the extract of Epimedium in the menstrual cycle and easing.

But still, the most popular Korean mountain woman received for its quality of aphrodisiac and effective help with sexual impotence. Therefore it is often called the "plant of Veagroy» 
It is also appreciated for its strong nootropic effect!



- In chronic prostatitis ;

- In kidney disorders;

- Pain in the joints and back;

- In osteoporosis;

- With impotence;

- For energy and improve efficiency;

- To soften the monthly (in violation of the menstrual cycle);

- As an immunostimulator;

- In menopause;

- To increase sexual desire in men and women;

- In the treatment of gynecological diseases in women;

- With neuroses and hysteria;

Dosage regimen

It is used 2-3 times a day. Dilute 1-2 grams in 150-200 ml of coffee ,coffee drinks or herbal tea.

The period of application is unlimited !

​Side effect

No harmful effects of the drug were found.

Special instruction

The drug has a pleasant slightly bitter taste. One Bank on average lasts for 2 months.

Where to buy extract of Epimedium

The price of Goryanka extract in our shop very rationally displays its usefulness and efficiency. You can buy the extract right now by ordering delivery directly to your home. Free consultation of our specialists is also at Your service.

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