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kumdang-2 injektion

The most versatile and powerful broad-spectrum drug. Contains unique components. He has earned gold Grand Prix at many festivals and exhibitions in Europe and Asia

"Kymdang-2" strengthens the immune system, restores the affected cells, increases the healing of tissues, treats many complex diseases and has a rejuvenating effect.

Unique injection "Kumdang-2" for more than 20 years deservedly among the top TEN natural products of the new generation. 

 The secret of the effectiveness of "Kumdang-2" - Korean ginseng grown by special technology in Kaesong (North Korea). A plant solution referred to as the "Golden elixir" for the rich content of polysaccharides, micro-doses of gold and platinum, rare earth minerals.

It was noted that people who took a preventive course "kumdang-2" twice a year, forever got rid of their chronic diseases and protected themselves from immunodeficiency.

2 ml * 8 amp.

 price 1pac.=40$

manufacturer-North Korea

Pugang Pharmaceutic Co.,Ltd

7pac. -280$
3 pac. = 120$


package 120 tablets



Pugang Pharmaceutic Co.,Ltd

manufacturer-North Korea

Price 1 pac.=65$

Clinical studies on the following diseases:

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Medicinal preparations from Korea

Kumdang 2 injection is a universal drug to raise the metabolism of the body's immunity in its usual spectrum. With the help of natural ingredients created in a natural way, kumdang injections become an immunomodulator for the body, based on natural substances, helps to regulate (revive) the human immune system. Class kumdang-2 injections equate to "Immunostimulants" - it provides the human body with a restoring effect of the immune system, supporting it until the full restoration of a stable immune system. This drug is unique in that, unlike its analogues, which have a number of side effects, kumdang 2 injection for 50 years of research, did not reveal this indicator, and thus is one of the safest drugs for the natural recovery of the body.

Kymdang-2 Immunostimulator!
Immune drugs are prescribed to those people whose immune status is much lower than normal, and therefore their body is unable to fight various infections. The appointment of immunomodulators is appropriate in the case when the disease is so strong that even a healthy person with good immunity will not be able to overcome it. Most of these drugs have antiviral effect, and therefore are prescribed in combination with other drugs for the treatment of many diseases.​


(Tongbanghangamso) 30 pac.


Anticancer is the world's only plant-based medicine, and is capable with high efficiency to treat cancer.


(Angynsahyng) 6 but.


It is effectively used as a" pocket " resuscitation, and is recommended at all stages of recovery treatment.

Passing periodically course "KUMDANG-2" you can reset your biological age to 5-8 years, and therefore there is resistance to various diseases, and in the process it is possible to cure early acquired chronic diseases!
Kumdang-2 is also used as a course (for two), before planned conception 


 (Royal Blood-Freesh)

180 tab.


It instantly dissolves fibrinogen-the main factor of blood clot formation, and very quickly eliminates such manifestations of thrombosis as various paralysis, movement disorders, speech disorders, numbness of hands and feet.

Analogue "kumdang-2" in tablets


(эпимедиум) Горянки

 (Extract Epimedii Herba) 250 g.

It is used to increase sexual desire, as well as impotence and menopause. Rich source of icariin.


    (Yangchunsamnok) 10 tab.


Ginseng aphrodisiac is one of the best Korean medicine highly effective natural products for men's health and potency.


(kymintyngynal) 21 pill


The composition of kymin capsules help cleanse the liver of fat, carcinogens, viruses and taxines. Restore damaged liver tissue improve the overall condition of the body...


(Bear bile) injection 10 amp.

Bear bile is widely used in inflammatory processes, as well as for the normalization of blood pressure and the state of the cardiovascular system.


Чхонсим Хван

(Yhvan chonsim hvan) 10 pil.


Improves venous outflow from the head, regulates the Central nervous system, normalizes the pituitary gland, improves the autonomic nervous system...


(Kuibihwan) 20 pill

Drug General regulating action. Equalizes the work of the autonomic nervous system, regulates the processes of inhibition and excitation.



(Gingobonin injection) 10 amp.


Normalizes the tone of arteries and veins, improves microcirculation and improves blood flow, prevents the aggregation of red blood cells.




It is a natural blood purifier of plant origin, made according to the traditional Korean recipe ...

Мускус кабарги

(sahyang injection) 10 amp.

Musk (jet) musk – an effective all-natural remedy, ranked among the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

Preparation for weight loss

30 pac.*4g.

Recommended for weight loss, normalization of hormonal status. It speeds up cellular metabolic processes...




A new generation drug to improve cerebral circulation and enhance metabolism in the structures of the brain...


6-летний красный женьшень

(Kaesong koryo hongsam) 60 tab


It is recommended to stimulate the immune system, after illness, as an adaptogen.


(Lumbrokinase) 50 tab.


Lumbrokinase-a tool that dissolves even complex blood clots, cholesterol plaques, reduces blood viscosity, improves the condition of red blood cells...

Корё хвалсон таблетки
koryo hwalsong tablet) 100 tab.


Able to quickly revive and restore the immune biological ability of cells and organs, as well as protect against diseases.

Роял боди фреш

(Royal body-fresh) 50 tab.

The drug is effective in protecting against radiation, improves immunity and eliminates stress, well eliminates fatigue and increases physical ability.​

женьшень и его польза

Since ancient times, medicine in Korea has held the position that all processes in the body must be in harmony with nature. Without this it is impossible to cure any disease. Despite all the achievements of science, Korean doctors today do not abandon the ancient methods of recovery, competently combining them with modern principles of treatment.

Korea managed to make a breakthrough in the medical field, introducing advanced technologies of the West and preserving the unique traditional methods of Korean medicine. Today, Korea is among the leaders of the international medical market, as well as a confident leader in Asia.

Korean experts are known all over the world not only for their practical activities, but also scientific works. There are constantly developing new methods of treatment of cancer, liver and kidneys, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heart.

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Tetrodocain is a natural toxin isolated from puffer Fish in the form of tetrodotoxin with a proven high therapeutic effect in many diseases.

Cultivated Wild Ginseng

​Ginseng is a treasure of the East. This is a unique healing plant,
used in all chronic diseases, including diabetes, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, hepatitis, pancreatitis, brain disorders blood circulation, memory loss, mental and physical fatigue, to rejuvenate the body.
The value of the drug is that over time, ginseng accumulates active components, the number of ginseng increases several times and the effectiveness of the plant increases exponentially. Growing up in the wild, plant it is necessary to fight for survival, the root is much more actively absorbs priceless rare earth elements, is vastly different from its "brothers" growing with regular watering in fertilized soil.
Wild ginseng is a priceless treasure of the East.
It is recommended to use for all chronic diseases, exhaustion, rejuvenation the body or the recovery of individual systems. Regulates the immunity, increases efficiency, improves the functioning of the brain.

Kaesong koryo

red ginseng powder

Ginseng is a plant of the Araliaceae family. Its curative properties and powerful curative potential provided successful application in world medicine for many millennia. In Chinese and Korean medicine it is believed that ginseng prolongs life and youth. Only 3 - year-old ginseng roots are used in this preparation. They are collected on plantations with a favorable climate, where the best conditions for growth are created. Therefore, Korean red ginseng is considered the most valuable of all types of ginseng.


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