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Kumdang-5  120tab.

тфблетки кымдан-5 kumdang-5 tablet

Patent № 43153 (kymdan-5 tablets,analogue kymdan-2 injection) 

Kymdan-5 tablets, newly prepared medicine with the help of cutting-edge technologies.                  

Composition: decomposed Kazanskogo ginseng (Koryo-INSAM) sugar and amino acids. As well as Astragalus, Dioscorea, lemongrass extract, light rare earth trace elements, etc.  

There are 120 tablets in one package.

Description This drug comes to us directly from North Korea, in fact, except in North Korea to find it and buy very difficult. This exclusive product is one of the best medicines based on red ginseng. He has repeatedly received Grand Prix and gold medals at Korean and international competitions and exhibitions.

Kymdan-5 tablets

effectively affects cell regeneration, reproduction and tissue repair

it strengthens the immune system, stimulates the body to produce interferon inside itself, which is much more useful than artificial interferon. 

it has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-allergic effects, lowers heat, adds vigor and slows down the aging of cells in the body as a whole

it is effective for the restoration of the liver damaged by alcohol, antibiotics and poor quality food

neutralizes intoxication from drugs and medicines, prevents the effects of radioactive rays.

and also;

- pancreatitis.;
- acute and chronic hepatitis;
- with weak sexual function;
- arrhythmia and angina.;
- in epilepsy;
- for insomnia and gastrospasm;
- cirrhosis of liver and dropsy;
- pancreatitis and chronic colitis;
- with the General weakening of the body;
- gastric and duodenal ulcer;
- in case of hemorrhage of different organs;
- with all sorts of colds;
- for the prevention of sclerosis;
- for the prevention of atypical pneumonia and other diseases; 


Initially, Kymdan-5 tablets was conceived as a means of treatment of such serious diseases as diabetes, insomnia, hepatitis, colitis, etc., but in the process of research proved to be a versatile remedy. It helps the body in the absorption of antibiotics and heavy vitamins, is also effective for the restoration of the liver, damaged by alcohol. 


Method of application:  

For prevention: 1 - 2 tablets per day.

For treatment: after eating 2 to 3 tablets 3 times a day.

Children: 1/4 - 2/3 after meals


Course of treatment:

40 - 60 days. It is possible to uvelichivat dose as disease.

Side effect




Conditions and shelf life

Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature  

Shelf life

3 years


Special instruction

The use of Kymdan-5 in tablets is made in such a way that at first the body gets used to this healing agent, so that then it gradually exerts its influence on the disease and human health. Finish the use of the drug is also gradually.


сертификат кымдан-5
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