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At the heart of the capsules Kumin is a recipe for traditional Korean medicine, preserved since the era of the Three States. The composition of the drug includes traditional herbal ingredients. Thanks to modern, advanced technologies and more than a decade of clinical trials, it was possible to create a drug with a powerful hepatoprotective effect.
Active substances included in the capsules Kumin, penetrate into the liver tissue, help cleanse the liver of fat, carcinogens, viruses and toxins. Restore damaged liver tissue, improve not only the liver, but also the General condition of the body.


  The drug has a powerful antiviral effect, eliminates the signs of fatty liver dystrophy. Recognized as one of the best drugs for the treatment of fatty liver, viral hepatitis B and C, chronic hepatitis, liver cancer, etc. 
Ingredients: the preparation includes active minerals and 10 natural medicines of traditional Korean medicine.


            1) Removes from the body fat tissue accumulated in the liver, eliminates the signs of alcohol intoxication                     of the liver.

            2) Removes viruses, carcinogens, bacteria and toxins from the body.

            3) Reduces manifestations of liver intoxication.

            4) Improves the protective and secretory function of the liver, promotes normal digestion.

            5) Restores the damaged mucosal lining of the stomach.

            6) Replenishes the lack of trace elements, improves cellular metabolism, promotes regeneration of liver tissues.

Indications: fatty liver, viral hepatitis B (HBeAg), the initial stage of liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, acute and chronic hepatitis, toxic hepatitis, jaundice, acute and chronic gastritis, polyps in the stomach, acute and chronic pancreatitis, etc.

How to use: adults are recommended to use 1 capsule 2-3 times a day. Wash down with plenty of water (more than 100 ml).

            The duration of the drug 20-30 days (3-4 packages). Depending on the severity of the disease, the duration of the drug should be increased.           

            * If you drink one capsule of the drug after drinking alcohol, it will relieve the load from the liver.

            * The course of treatment with this drug for patients with viral hepatitis B is determined individually, the                 presence of the virus in the blood and the restoration of normal functioning of the liver is monitored.

            * In gastritis with high acidity and ulcer, it is recommended to use the drug after a meal, gradually                               increasing the dosage.

            * In the case of diarrhea, reduce the dosage, then gradually increase the dosage.

            * In case of fatty liver dystrophy on the background of disorders in the endocrine system, it is                                       recommended to increase the duration of the drug.

Notes on clinical use:

            - Alcoholic fatty liver: 20-30 days after the application of the drug, the signs of fatty degeneration                               disappeared, the liver returned to a healthy state.

            - Antigen carrier: depending on the concentration of antibodies in the blood, a negative antigen test result

               will be achieved in 3-8 months after the use of the drug.

            - Initial stage of liver cancer: the tumor disappeared within 2-3 months after taking the drug.

            - Hepatitis in the acute phase: improvements were observed within 7-13 days of taking the drug.

            - Liver cirrhosis: improvements were observed after 2-3 months of use.

            - Toxic hepatitis: detoxification occurred after 20 days of use.

            - Acute gastritis: recovery occurred within 1-2 days.

            - Chronic gastritis: improvement occurred within 15 days.

            - Malaria: after 15-20 days of use of the drug signs of liver failure disappeared.


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