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Angunsahyang 6but.

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  Angunsahyang effectively used as a "pocket" of the intensive care unit and is also recommended in all phases of restorative treatment.


Specific fractions from the extract of natural musk.

Pharmacological action:

It affects the regeneration of nerve fibers, promotes their germination in the tissue, restores the myelin sheath. Regulates cerebral blood circulation, improves the interaction between structures of the brain. It has a mild antispasmodic and soothing effect.


Indications for use:


ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke (3-5 courses);


hypertension (1-3 courses);


speech disorders of different etiology (1-3 courses);


paralysis and paresis (3-5 courses);


migraine, etc. headache of any localization (1-3 courses);


atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels (2-5 courses);


heart disease (CHD, angina, arrhythmia, etc. 1-3 courses);


cerebral thrombosis (3-6 courses);


craniocerebral trauma, concussion of the brain (1-4 courses);


overwork after work at the computer (1 bottle once);


rapid recovery from infections (1 course);


as an additional tool in the treatment of severe infections (1-2 courses);


emergency care in the first minutes of a heart attack of any localization (1 bottle once);


as a drug of emergency in strong alcoholic openenig (1 bottle once, the effect will manifest after 30 min.);


the immediate effect in athletes fatigue, a full recovery of strength in 20-30 minutes to continue the competition it is possible in 10-15 minutes (1 bottle once, is not a drug). It is recommended to use 10-15 minutes before the competition.


Method of application:

1 bottle (2G) is divided in the course of treatment into 4-10 parts. The appointment of a specialist it is recommended to apply 2-4 times a day, i.e. 1 receiving 0.2 g — 0.5 g, put in mouth and wash down with water or dissolving the desired amount of medication in 1/3 tablespoon of warm water. It is advisable to drink before eating. After taking the drug, the amount of food eaten significantly reduce.

Fainting, shock – dissolve 0.5 g in 1/3 tablespoon of warm water, lift the head, open the patient's mouth and pour the medicine. Repeat after 15-30 minutes if necessary.

Hypertensive crisis or severe heart pain – it is recommended to have a bottle with you, in case of need to take the medicine before the arrival of the doctor.

If there is a large number of chronic diseases, then at first the state of health may deteriorate slightly, as in an exacerbation, but everything will pass quickly. Taking the drug must necessarily continue.

Storage conditions:


Store at room temperature, keeping the packaging tight.


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