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Royal Blood-Freash  180tab.

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As part of "Royal Blood-Fresh" contains a large number of highly active antioxidants, including the enzyme (SOD), isolated from soybeans.


Royal Blood-Fresh, is a dietary Supplement that contains:

- thrombolytic enzyme nattokinase,

- soy saponin and lecithin, which reduce cholesterol and neutral fats, vitamin B, increases nervous functions and bowel movement,

- hypotonic acting potassium,

- natural vitamins E, PP, B|2, suppressing the formation of peroxide lipids and ensuring the stability of cell membranes,

- anthocyanin, which eliminates active oxygen,

- isoflavone having a strong antioxidant effect,

- cholamine, showing cosmetic effect.


"Royal Blood-Fresh."is a healthy food. It instantly dissolves the fibrinogen is a major factor in thrombus formation, and very quickly removes these symptoms of thrombosis, different paralysis, movement disorder, speech disorder, onemachine the hands and feet.
"Royal Blood-Fresh" breaks down lipids in the blood and on the walls of blood vessels and helps to successfully treat hyperlipemia, which is the cause of various diseases. ".Royal Blood-Fresh", significantly reducing blood clotting, provides a balance of blood solubility and blood clotting in the body and increases the activity of tissue plasminogen activation factor, which favors the dissolution of blood clots, prevents bleeding and recurrence of thrombosis. "Royal Blood-Fresh" has a very strong antioxidant effect.
Used "Royal Blood-Fresh" as a strong antioxidant for the treatment of thrombosis, return a person to youth, improve mental ability, to prevent damage from radiation, for the successful treatment of General long-term flight syndrome (DVT), cardiopathy, headache, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, radiation damage, reduce mental ability, poisoning with toxic substances.


With the appearance of such symptoms as weakening of sensation, movement disorders, numbness of the limbs and the body, feeling of paralysis, speech impairment, deterioration of memory and mental abilities, headache, weakening of vision, muscle cramps, depending on the severity of patients in the acute and chronic stages, preceding thrombosis of the cerebral vessels and hemorrhage to the brain.
In the treatment of such consequences of thrombosis and hemorrhage as hemiplegia, violation of sensation, nerves, speech, vision, deterioration of mental abilities, convulsions of facial muscles, tremors of hands and feet.
In General long flight syndrome (DVT),headache, which occurs with neurasthenia, hypertension, atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, hepatitis, various infectious diseases, diabetes, colds, eye and almost all other diseases, as well as in healthy people with mental fatigue and stress. In coronary heart disease, angina , heart attack, atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis. With hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension.
In case of poisoning by toxic substances and radiation damage by radioactive radiation.
With increasing mental ability and improving memory, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and slow aging


Dosage regimen
Given that "Royal Blood-Fresh" is a healthy food, its use should not be strictly observed, and can be taken depending on the reaction of the body.
(a) Patients in the acute stage

Start 3 times a day for 5 to 6 tablets (at a convenient time, before and after meals or with food). From the second day, increase the daily dose of 1 tablet, 1 time in 2 days, bring to 9 tablets 5 times a day, continue to treat this dose until the desired result is achieved. Then gradually reduce the dose to the original dosage and stop taking. Depending on the condition of the body, you can take the appropriate dose if necessary. Given this recommendation, you can take the proper dose depending on the condition of the body.

b) Patients at the chronic stage

In the first 4 days, take 3 times 3 to 5 tablets, then continue to take 2-3 times 3 to 8 tablets per day, depending on the reaction of the body.

(C) Healthy person

In the first 5 days, take 2-3 times 2 tablets, then 3 times 3 tablets and when reached

the desired result can be stopped. If necessary, take, but do not exceed 5 times 8 tablets per day.

e) For prevention

Take 2 times 2 tablets daily .